Marker DUKE PT 16 100MM Bindings

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  • Brand: MARKER
  • Product Code: 7650X1_BS_TAN
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Marker's new hybrid binding. combining the features of ski touring pin bindings with the performance of freeride bindings. The best grip is guaranteed by high release force ranges. High performance on the climb is guaranteed by pin technology, and ski touring box removal allows for up to 300g of weight savings per binding. The ski stopper is automatically locked in the ascent choice by an easy-to-use mechanism. The ascension angles of 0° and 10° are adjustable. The rear box's magnesium structure offers superior energy absorption and power transfer. The best rear-box flexibility—the capacity to both absorb and collect vibrations while skiing—is offered by marker bindings. A boot that is affixed to the descending front box automatically locks into four distinct places.